create online store blog with blogspot com

 Actually creating a website in today's very easy, such as creating a blog with the theme of the online store as well as for personal documents, we deliberately publish, maybe my writing, it's been a lot of that in the know about how to create a website or blog with a bunch of,just I will write how to create a blog with blogger very easy for us to learn

 The first step we have to prepare is to make email from Gmail
  1. List Gmail account  
  2. The next friend go to account
  3. After that create your new blog, and enter the address or name of the blog to be my friend for.
  4. the last stage is to create a template or can download the mobile-friendly template for online store 
  Thus the way of my quick steps on how to create a website with bloggers, may be useful,may be useful, if my friend interested can also read articles related to the way of creating a blog, the blogger
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  4. How to hide comments of blogs and writers
  Greetings learn and keep the spirit of achieving success through internet media

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