[Border light] versi Young 1 apk

 Hello friend, still discussing Borderlight, Border light Young, Screen of light which is an application for Android that is useful as a live wallpaper that will appear to attract attention on the edges of the edges that are colorful like rainbow colors and of course like glowing.

 Because of this theme carrying the concept, with the color on the border only. And for borderlight version 1.0 this apk is still in the development stage, or still in beta. But if you want to try this app, it's free later, please download the file.

 For the installation process. If you don't already know, buddy Open the settings, then Security and find Unknown sources. Swipe to the right, to activate it. And for the borderlight feature, the admin has written in the previous article HERE. And if you are interested in downloading it, please go to the link below, hopefully useful and good luck.

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