CPU-Z for Windows versi 1.71,1.63,1.57,1.69 Rar

 About CPU-Z, which you might want to know, is a free utility that will detect and display all data on the computer's hardware and processor. No exception it displays all the data and performance of your PC's Windows.

  To use it very easily, you can simply run this application, and all computer data will be displayed, such as the name and model of the processor, power supply support, speed of entry and exit, overclock detection, etc.

  All data relating to hardware will be immediately detected by these useful and free tools, so you can find out if your hardware is in accordance with the price, or whether your processor speed has been modified.

  And maybe you are looking for we have prepared the file you want, and 1 format is RAR. After you Extrack, then you can choose according to the version. And in that version there are several versions, such as (1.71,1.63,1.57,1.69). and please download below.
File size RAR :8.01Mb

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