Overcome the Blog hit by Jingling [Auto Visitor] attack

 In accordance with the title, Blog hit by Jingling, or auto visitor, usually occurs on blogs that suddenly traffic [visits jumped sharply], not as usual. Because you as the owner, certainly understand for the average number of visitors who come to read your article.

  Suddenly experience a visit or rapid traffic from one, maybe your article, and usually it can happen for 1 day or even weeks, depending on the funds used to rent the host, to use the Bot visitor.

Following are the steps we will take 

* Open the section of your blog, and [View Statistics] will see the Overview section, Posts, Traffic Sources, and Viewers. See the Posts section [Will appear one post with traffic going up sharply]. [Solution, temporarily delete the bot-affected article for that visitor, while we observe, possible attackers, will attack another article]
* Make changes to the TXT robot file which is usually set to default. We change it to something like below.
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
Disallow: User-agent:
Googlebot Allow: /
Disallow: /search
User-agent: * Disallow: /
Sitemap: nama blog/xml

The disadvantages of blogs that are affected by Auto visitors include: 

 Blogs will drop rankings, blogs can be considered as manual actions, by Webmasters [Google, Bing], maybe you as an Ads publisher will be deactivated etc. And welcome for those who want to add, can write in the comments column.

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