PUBG on a PC, this is an easy and practical way

 Currently there is indeed a Trend about this one PUBG Mobile game or Apk for an Android Smartphone, and maybe your Gadget Spec does not meet the requirements, but in your home there is a PC, it can be a laptop or Laptop Computer, which of course has a Medium Spec . Here's the Solution so you can play the PUBG Game

The following are easy practical steps that we must do

 The first one is to prepare the material, or the Emulator Software that we will use to be able to use the PUBG Mobile game installed on our PC. You can use one of the Android emulators that we will install on our PC, select one below.
    File Size :259 Mb
    Support Windows:
    File Size :323 Mb
    Support Windows:
 After that download One of the two Emulators above, then do the installation process, Wait until it's finished, Finally Restore your PC. For PUBG Mobile. You can download it on the official site. If you don't want it, download it below.

    File Size :359 Mb
Version::0.10.0 apk

  Finally after downloading, enter 2x on your mouse and it will automatically install on your PC. Open the Emulator, if there is already a PUBG Lite installed, if there is a time you use the game.

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