Unduh Widpedia Apk pro 2.0

 Widpedia pro application is a tool or tool for Inject wifi.id. or it can also be called firing wifi.id without a username and password.this application is shared for free and how to use the widpedia tool apk is easier than using the MDVK Tools application.

  For those of you whose place does reach the wifi.id network, it would not hurt you to try the latest widepedia tool application 2019. because many have tried this application and successfully entered wifi.id.

  If you want to use the latest version of widpedia wifi id application, which was just released in 2019, you can download it directly on the link that I have provided under this article. And the following features from the latest Widpedia pro include.

❶ Display that has been adjusted or easily understood
❷ Injector features, Speedtest, manual GWID, Check Update, Login / Register Etc.

Easy way to use Widpedia Pro Apk

❶ please download the Latest 2019 Widpedia Tool Apk, then install and open the application.
❷ Make sure you are in the wifi.id area. And (first you need to know the GWID code for later we enter in the Widpedia application menu.)
❸ Open your Smartphone Wifi, then connect to Wifi, id, and wait until you redirect to Broswer to enter your Username and Password
❹ When on page wifi.id in the browser that you are using, please copy or copy the URL that is seen in the Android browser's address bar to later retrieve the GWID code.
❺ if you have got the GWID code, please open the Widpedia application and please enter the GWID code that you have obtained on the menu that has been prepared in the Widpedia application.

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