Update how to Submit new articles on Google webmaster 2019

 Because of the times, and humans will always develop themselves, as well as technology, "Website" which for antiquity, for display is only monotonous, or simple, but for now, there are a lot of Theme or website appearance, which is more elegant, light and adaptable (Friendly) with a customized display.

  And the following is related to "Website / Sites / Blogs" for the latest way to enter a new article link to Google Webmaster that has made a good change from the appearance or how the webmaster works. Here are the steps:
 1].Open the webmaster (New view), see the picture below.
2].To enter, maybe the article we just wrote, so that it appears on the search, on Google is as follows:Look at the image above, enter: the name of the site / url of the article, (complete). Finally point the mouse and press the search icon.

  At this point, I'm sure you are clear, then follow the guidelines that appear to submit your new article, so that it can be quickly found on search engines,if the way you do is successful, it will look like in the picture below good luck,

hopefully what I have written is useful.

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